1. A Word from the President

We are a small company of about 20 people, and our factory building is old and not something to be proud of in appearance. However, we have traditionally taken on various business challenges and have grown with the times while repeating failures.

Currently, we are reviewing human resources, marketing, products, etc. as part of management reform. In particular, we are giving top priority to personnel evaluation, organizational and awareness reforms, and other aspects of "human resources", which is the foundation of the company's management, and building a system that will enable each employee to grow and maximize his or her potential.

In addition, as part of activities to improve the workplace environment, we have equipped wheelchair-accessible restrooms and banned smoking throughout the company. In this way, we are taking on new challenges on a daily basis.

Come work with us and help up grow and build a greater community. We welcome people who are willing to take on challenges and are not bound by conventional ways of doing things. Let's experience the real feeling that "the company is changing with your own power".

2. Human Resources Initiatives

(1)Introduction of a personnel evaluation system that ensures fairness, impartiality, and transparency. (implemented from April 2021)
→ Introduction of target management system. (Implemented from April 2021)

*Unlike performance-based system, we evaluate how much you challenge  to innovate and improve on both long-term and short-term basis.

We not only disclose the results of the evaluation to the employee, but also discuss the reasons for the evaluation, how the evaluation can be improved, and whether the evaluation is incorrect and other issues are discussed in dialogues, leading to the personal and professional growth of the employees.

(2)Introduced a system of promoting non-regular employees to regular employees

(3)Even non-permanent employees can be promoted to leadership roles depending on their abilities.

(4)Compensation based on skills, regardless of years of service

(5)Developing skills through on-the-job training and off-job training. Training for management executives in consideration of performance and skills.

(6)Assigning work that fits the skills of the employees
→ To be determined based on the results of personal characteristics analysis and interviews.

3. Application Guidelines

(1) Educational background
(2) Position
Sales, IT, Web developer, Business Consultant, Production Technology (assemly & processing), Product development
(3) Recruitment number
A few number
(4) How to apply
Please send us the following application documents by post
1. Resume
2. Self-promotion sheet (about 1 page of A4 paper)
3. A copy of the handicapped person's handbook if applicable
(5) Screening method
Document review, multiple interviews (including interviews via ZOOM), aptitude test
(6) Contact
Sansen Shimizu Co., Ltd.

4. Recruitment data

(1) Compensation
Graduate school: 238,000 yen/month~
University graduate: 216,300 yen/month~
High school graduate: 168,000 yen/month~
*Mid-Career hires will be interviewed and determined based on experience, performance, and other factors
(2) Allowances
Position allowance, Qualification allowance, Overtime allowance, Commuting allowance, etc.
(3 Salary raise
Once a year
(4) Bonus
Twice a year (July and December)
(5) Work location
Kyoto Head Office
(6) Working hours
Scheduled working hours: 8 hours
Head office working hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (60-minute lunch break)
Flexible work hours, opportunity to work remotely
(7) Holidays
2 days off a week (Saturday and Sunday)
Year-end and New Year holidays, Summer vacation, Annual paid leave, Childcare leave, Nursing care leave, Maternity leave, Congratulatory or Condolence leave, etc.
118 days off per year (including 5 days of planned leave)
(8) Facilities
Wheelchair-accessible restroom and Cafeteria
(9) Insurance & Benefits
Various insurances (Employment insurance, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, Health Insurance, Employees' Pension Insurance), Childcare and  Nursing care leave system, Qualification Acquisition Support System, Reemployment system (Retirement age 65), Retirement Allowance System, etc.
(10) Measures against smoking
No smoking outside the smoking room
(11) Others
*Foreign nationals who speak English, Chinese, or Vietnamese are welcome, regardless of Japanese language ability.
*You may be requested to submit documents regarding Educational Background and Qualifications
*You can commute by car, motorcycle, or bicycle